Extreme Law Firm® serves a wide range of local and international clients including: public and private companies and their officers, investment banking firms, commercial banks, investment advisers, public accounting firms, insurance companies, partnerships, individuals and public interest organizations.

Clients benefit from our extensive trial experience in complex civil matters, as well as our general negotiation and dispute resolution experience.

Over the years our paralegal staff and lawyers who have been involved in our litigation processes have gained valuable experience through the various roles they played prior to joining the firm. We undertake Litigation for the two biggest state owned banks and the biggest privately owned bank on the Ghana Stock Exchange

Our core areas of practice include:
• Advising Directors, Partners and Trustees on their obligations and potential liabilities in corporate and collective investment vehicles
• Advising Shareholders, Beneficiaries and Creditors on their rights and remedies in corporate and collective investment vehicles
• Advising on the enforce ability of judgments and Arbitrary awards within Ghana
• Asset tracing, protection and interlocutory applications for restraint orders and other injunctions
• Individual bankruptcy and corporate insolvency
• Banking including Debt Recovery for Banks
• Contractual disputes, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty claims
• Insurance